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Tax Preparation

Welcome to the William F. Bodie, CPA Tax Preparation information page. As a provider of business and individual tax preparation services, it is our desire to assist taxpayers with tools and information necessary for assembling data used in preparation of their tax returns. We strive to assure that deductions available to the taxpayer are taken in accordance with IRS and State regulations. We have served our community for over thirty-five years and value our clients as we do our own family.


What is the benefit of paying a tax preparer?

Many individual tax returns are simple and can be done by the taxpayer themselves.

However, below is a small list of challenges individuals face when filing their own tax return.

  • Many tax software programs ask questions that, if misunderstood, could lead to an incorrect position on the tax return. People tend to answer questions that lead to a benefit when they don’t truly understand what and why a question is being asked. Paid professional understand why those questions are asked and can help with explained the question to ensure an accurate return.
  • When we complete a return with a client, we have the opportunity to have a conversation about possible needed adjustments during the current year to ensure a smooth return next year.
  • Building a relationship with someone who work with financial information can be a great benefit. We encourage our clients to call and discuss a potential upcoming situation so we can add that detail to the planning already in place. When something unforeseen happens and you need advise starting to find someone you trust adds stress to the situation.
  • Certified Public Accountants are required to do a minimum of 40 hours of continued education a year, which most invest much more than that. This means that a paid professional is tasked with keeping up with the ever-changing tax rules and regulations.
  • Paid professionals can also assist with correspondence issued by the authorities.



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Engagement Letter*

Engagement letter are letters that are used to explain the expectations we have for our client and what they can expect from us. These are not necessarily binding contracts but more of a disclosure of service and responsibility you have requested us to perform and what your role and responsibility is. Our firm uses an engagement letter to assist in ensuring that there is a clear understanding between both parties on what is to be done, the responsibility of each party, timing of completion, and estimated price. Anything not noted on the engagement letter is not the responsibility of the firm.

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